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Tree Surgery (Tree Surgeon)

This includes tree reductions, pruning, shaping, crown lifting (removing lower branches), and removing dead limbs.

It is essential for certain trees to be maintained in an Urban environment to protect the public and buildings whilst still providing greenery and habitat.


Tree Removals

Sometimes trees can be in a poor condition and pose a risk / threat to the safety of people and property.

Or trees planted in urban areas can often grow too big for their location.

In both the above cases tree removal is one option. Oakland tree care will always offer a non biased/ honest opinion and will never recommend unnecessary tree removal.


Hedge Maintenance

We carry out small and large scale hedge trimming and reductions, we are able to offer a maintenance schedule based on your specific requirements, ensuring your hedges look their best all year round.

We remove hedges and stumps in preparation for fencing, re-planting or building works.


Hedgelaying has great conservation and wildlife value. It mostly takes place every 15 years or so with periodic trimming in between to encourage regrowth and to keep it tidy. Hedges can last indefinitely when maintained in this way.

An assessment of the suitability of your hedge can be carried out free of charge.

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